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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Steampunk?

Okay, so, imagine a robot.

Now make that robot powered by steam.

Now put it pretty much anytime in the mid to late 1860s, and add in some other weird steam-powered things (cars, mechs, the occasional computer). I think that about sums it up.

Steamounk is really a derivative of cyberpunk, only instead of far future technology, it's all from the 19th century.

Why do you like steampunk so much?

There's just something about the Victorian Era that draws me to it, and there's something about robots that draws anyone to anything. Mixing the two really just makes it irresistible.

Who draws this comic?

I do. I draw it. My name is Chris Downey. I like drawing things.

Who has two thumbs and writes this comic?

It's still me. I do both things, but not particualrly well.

Well, who's that?

A guy. He's kinda a jerk sometimes. Gets a little snobby. He goes to school at SUNY Oswego, studying graphic design and illustration. That's about it, really.

What medium is this done in?

Ink and Photoshop. The ink part's the best part.

Why is his name Jeffries?

Man, 'cuz it is! Don't you talk smack to me! I won't take no sass!

Can you find him? But yes, his name is Waldo. Go read some Heinlein.

Why did you start this comic?

I had an idea in my head, and I had to start putting it down on paper before I lost it. I also wanted to do something other than the sword-and-sorcery of Trials in the Light (now discontinued). As much as I like what I've done there, I have to follow a story that was set down before I started the comic (although, I have taken some liberties). I wanted to have something that wasn't dark fantasy, and, strangely enough, something without a ton of swords and superpowers. I wanted to involve the everyday people in a world that wasn't corny, and also wasn't Tolkien-esque.

How long does a page take to do?

With the way I ink, a very long time. Far too long. I need to be faster when working.

Do you enjoy doing this?

Good lord, yes. Why else would I draw it?

Why do you hand-letter it?

I like going through the finished inks and being able to read it right there, instead of having to look at it on a computer. I think it adds something to it, especially when I'm working.

I've got a character for you. Put him in the comic.

...no? Yeah, that's the word. No. Go make your own comic if you've got a character you want to see.

Link exchange?


Can I dance if I want to?

You can leave your friends behind.

But my friends don't dance!

If they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine. Also, that wasn't a question.

Do you do any other comics?

Kind of? It's complicated. A few years back I was working on both this and Trials in the Light, but I had to stop because it was really hard to do two comics at once. Right now this is my main comic project, but I'm developing several others at the same time. I plan on not really working on them until I either finish this one or give up on it (really hope that one doesn't happen). I have drawn a couple pages of another comic called The Frozen, though.