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Saturday , July 26 , 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014
…what. Seven months and two days. Since I updated. And this is all I've got to show for it. Man, so lame…
Okay, so I've spent the last seven months getting a full-time job, getting used to said job, and paying bills. Boring adult stuff. Made it pretty hard to focus on making comics, much as I wish I could every day.
But! I have also been working hard on redoing the old pages of Empires of Steam. I just finished one last night. I have five left to go before I can submit it to Comixology. Very, very excited to do that.
I am, however, extremely sorry for the lengthy delay in updates. I'll try to do better. Thanks for your patience (if anyone is even still reading this, that is).
Chris out.

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